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Introducing Prior Consulting

We work across both the health and employment sectors to help people and organisations make positive changes and achieve their desired goals and outcomes. Our approaches are evidence-based and draw on the latest clinical psychology and psychotherapy research and also developments in coaching and organisational theory and management.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that all of our clients are unique and so solutions need to develop out of a carefully tailored understanding of the problems and be worked on together in partnership. What we bring to this is flexibility in our approach and a depth of knowledge and experience to help guide the process.

Enabling people and organisations to reach their true potential.. that is what we do!

Whether you are leader, a manager or an an individual contributor, we develop bespoke solutions to meet your needs, helping you and your organisation focus on the skills, behaviours and competencies that will enable you to excel.

We provide coaching, develop and facilitate workshops and programmes incorporating the latest thinking and research in organisational psychology to help put you and your business ahead of your competitors.