Personal & Organisational Development

"People join organisations and leave managers" or so the saying goes! Our mission is to make this a thing of the past - everyone deserves to work with a competent manager.

The lifeblood of high performing organisations is leaders who can lead, from the Reception Team Leader to the Managing Director. Our mission is to help people identify and develop the behaviours and skills that will make them more effective in their roles.

Underpinning all we do are a set of high performing leadership behaviours which, when present within organisations drive superior performance; a fact proven through numerous studies and research projects. They form a lense through which we understand you and your organisation and a rich resource on which our development support is structured and delivered.

As we hope you will discover, our values are at the heart of all we do and they speak volumes about our approach to developing solutions for you:

  • Ownership & Accountability - taking responsibility for our actions

  • Commitment - from the day we take your brief to the day we complete our work and beyond

  • Building Confidence - in your ability to succeed

  • Tough Conversations - honest and frank discussions

  • Visionary - inspiring others to follow

  • Engaging - with all we have the pleasure to work with

  • Making Connections - communicating effectively with all stakeholders

  • Trust - something that will evolve in the working relationship.. we hope

Our consultants are specialists in their areas of expertise and have extensive experience managing and leading people.

What distinguishes us from the competition? Our solutions are pragmatic, focused and bespoke - built on an understanding and appreciation of your business and Sector. We tell it "how it is" and we guarantee we will challenge your thinking - helping you to see things from a new perspective.

We have dedicated consulting rooms for individual coaching and other one to one activities at our offices near Cambridge, please see the Contact and Directions page for further information.