I need talent management..

How effective is your organisation at developing the people you already employee to fill the roles that your business will need in the future?

How many staff have you lost because they could see no future as part of your organisation?

How effective are you at targeting your training resources to the people who have the greatest potential to be your next senior team?

Who will succeed you?

If you have the answers to these questions and you are comfortable with them, you don't need us! If you do not, we can help..

Talent Management is your organisation's key to succession planning and employee retention, both of which safeguard your business, populating the key role of tomorrow and retaining the knowledge and know how that makes your business successful.

Our Approach:

We will work with you to assess the ability of your performance management systems to identify talent and establish development requirements based on future business requirements and succession plans.

We will make recommendations and help you put in place changes that will enable you to:

  • Identify staff with potential to grow and be promoted through objective evidence gathering

  • Create succession plans for key technical and leadership roles within the organisation

  • Create personal development plans that will enable the individuals to gain the experience required within the relevant timescales

  • Reward staff accordingly

Please contact us to arrange an initial discussion to explore your needs.