Developing Ourselves - Executive Coaching

Coaching conversations form a cornerstone of much of what Prior Consulting does, working with you to help you explore relationships, challenges and opportunities within the workplace.

We specialise in behavioural coaching, helping you explore the behaviours and thinking styles you use within the workplace, understanding whether they help or hinder you. We then work with you to enable you to focus on the thinking styles and behaviours that will make you all the more effective going forward given the environment you work within.

This type of approach involves gaining feedback from people you work with so that you can see the impact of your actions (positive and negative) from the perspectives of those you work with.

Prior Consulting partners with my360plus, an online 360 personal and team development tool to enable you to obtain meaningful feedback from your customers, boss, peers and reports.

We then work with this feedback, helping you determine what you want to change before embarking on a coaching programme to enable you to explore the behaviours you want to change and develop. At the end of our programme, we re-visit your colleagues and get some further feedback to help you see what has changed.

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