I need a more effective team..

Many CEOs and Senior Team Leaders have teams who do not perform to their full potential. Are you one of them?

What is the cost to your business? How less effective are you as a result of spending disproportionate amounts of time with particular team members? Need to explore some options to remedy the situation?

Our Approach:

Firstly, we will meet with you, the team leader, and explore the challenges you are facing. We will establish how visible the issues are to the individuals involved and identify the negative behaviours being shown within the team. We will help you recognise the behaviours and offer you support as you take the key step of tackling the issues, possibly for the first time. Once you have made the issues visible to the team and stated your plan of action, we will work with you and the team to explore ways to modify the behaviours, to remove the barriers to effective teamwork. We use team profiling techniques to help team members see the skilful and unskilful behaviours at work and to enable them to recognise how their own strengths complement or antagonise each other.

The Tools:

We work with an extensively validated leadership behavioural framework as a basis to model the team and individual leadership behaviours we see within the team. In addition, we utilise the following tools:

  • 360 Degree Feedback using my360plus

  • Structured one-to-one interviews

  • Team Interactions (shadowing your team meetings)

  • Customer Feedback (internal or external)

  • Coaching Sessions

Please contact us to arrange an initial discussion to explore your needs.