I need confident recruiters..

I need confident recruiters..

It is hard to understate the importance of getting your recruitment right. The people who are responsible for hiring are the gate keepers to your organisation. They hold the key to you achieving your business objectives and equally importantly promoting and retaining the culture of your business through the fit and quality of the candidates they admit "through your door". They also hold a legal responsibility to recruit in a manner free of discrimination which promotes diversity in accordance with equal opportunities and anti-discrimination legislation.

Our workshops will help your recruiters select the best candidates by developing interviewing skills based on behavioural event interviewing techniques. These techniques enable interviewers to gather objective evidence of a candidate's suitability for a post, exploring relevant previous experiences that are the greatest predictor of future performance.

Our aim in all our recruitment focused programmes is to enable delegates to replace a "gut instinct" approach to recruitment with one based on capturing objective and relevant data enabling you to make the right selection decision for your organisation.

A small investment today will help ensure your organisation avoids £'000s in costs in the future by getting selection decisions right, first time.

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