I need motivated employees..

If you have identified problems with employee motivation, the chances are you have some challenges facing your organisation in the areas of leadership, performance management or reward. Put bluntly, your staff don't see the world in the way you do and as a result there is disconnect.

Our Approach:

To establish what is happening within your organisation, we conduct a 'Polaroid Day', a one day assessment of the culture, successes and challenges of your business from the perspective of the people who work in it. Through a series of structured interviews with a randomly selected group of staff, managers and senior team, we gain evidence to provide you with a true snapshot of your organisation in the form of a presentation at the end of the day.

From this, we make a series of recommendations as to how you may proceed, prioritising the issues you can and want to fix. These may include:

  • A full employee survey to gain further in-depth information on the issues uncovered

  • Management development for your managers to help them develop the skills to motivate team members

  • A review of your performance management tools

  • A review of your reward strategy

  • Support to improve organisational communication

We guarantee you will gain a great deal of information about your business and the barriers to achieving a motivated and fulfilled workforce and through this intervention start the most important journey of your organistion's life.

Please contact us to arrange an initial discussion to explore your needs.